Neon Vista Acrylic Wall Art Panels

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$26.37 USD

Introducing the Neon Vista Acrylic Wall Panel: A fusion of modern aesthetics and vibrant artistry! Crafted to elevate your space, these panels seamlessly blend form and function. Let’s dive into the details:

Product Features:

  • Material: Crafted from clear acrylic with a white vinyl backing.
  • Glossy Surface: The panels boast a clear, glossy acrylic surface, creating a stunning visual effect.
  • Easy Mounting: Equipped with four silver stand-offs, installation is a breeze. Simply mount them to your wall.
  • Design Freedom: Express your creativity! Print your own original designs on these panels.
  • Size Options: Choose from seven available panel sizes in horizontal, vertical, and square orientations.
  • Indoor Use: Ideal for indoor spaces, these panels are perfect for homes, offices, galleries, and more.


    • Vertical: 8" x 10", 16" x 20"
    • Depth: 0.25 inches
    • Care Instructions: Use non-abrasive, non-ammonium-based products for cleaning. Spot cleaning with warm water and dish soap is recommended.

Neon Vista Acrylic Wall Panels—where art meets innovation. Transform your space with a touch of neon-infused magic!

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